INESI (Instrumentación Electrónica y Sistemas) is a company dedicated to the consulting, planning, sales and installation of High Frequency (3-30 MHz) Coastal Ocean Radar Systems.

An HF radar is installed on the coast and allows continuous mapping of surface currents, waves and wind direction up to 200 km off-shore.


INESI can help you in every step of your coastal monitoring network project:

  • Project definition, specifications and consulting.

  • Optimal selection of radar site.

  • Planning of required infrastructure.

  • Installation and start up of the complete system at radar site (antennas, cabling, electronics).

  • Comprehensive software solutions for automatic handling, access and post-processing of measured data.

  • Training of operating personnel.

INESI is distributor of HF radar system "WERA", designed in Germany and manufactured by Helzel Messtechnik GmbH.